Personalized Marketing

Roy Bergold, multiple award-winning former Chief Creative Officer for McDonald’s, recently offerred some great tips in QSR Magazine – Let’s Get Personal: Customers who can put a face to your business will be inclined to come back. Although his ideas were primarily focused on the quick-serve restaurant industry a lot of what he said could […]

Marketing Online Brings Highly Targeted Traffic

Internet Marketing Brings Highly Targeted Traffic A phrase that I hear mentioned often in the marketing world is that running an advertising campaign can be compared to throwing a hand full of mud at a wall, success comes when enough sticks.  That doesn’t sound like a very strategic approach to marketing does it? It can […]

Online Search vs Yellow Pages

More and more consumers are searching for products and business services online which is quickly making the Yellow Pages an obsolete form of advertising. Yellow pages are used about 6% of the time and usually by people over 60 years of age. Google Maps, BING and Yahoo Local are the new Yellow Pages! They receive […]