With SEO Marketing Online is Easy Way to Track

Do you find yourself spending money on an advertising campaign only to have it end and leaving you asking yourself if it really worked?

Marketing Consultants have always said an effective Marketing Plan needs to have a solid measurement system built-in. But if you’re using traditional advertising methods you know how difficult that can be. It’s much, much easier said than done!

Measurement has always been one of the biggest challenges of running an effective advertising campaign. How can you truly gauge how much it helps your business? Let’s look at a newspaper ad as an example, the ad rep may give you long lists of reader stats but do you really know how many people really saw your ad, or even read it for that matter, or took action after seeing it? Now, how would you feel if that newspaper rep said they would send you a detailed monthly report that showed you exactly:

  1. How many people saw your ad
  2. How many people read your ad and decided to look for more info about your business
  3. How many people saw your ad, and actually contacted you or came through your door as a paying customer?

The reality is even when you have designed your ad with all of the ‘right stuff’ for measurement you will never really know the answers to those questions.

This is just one of the BIG reasons I  absolutely LOVE marketing online. Virtually every part of your marketing and customer contact can be measured. Did you know it is actually quite easy to take a look at every single person that comes to your website? One of the first things we do at M2 Release Dynamics is to setup a method of measuring and tracking everything that happens on your website. This will allow you to see an incredible number of valuable things including:

  1. The number of people visiting your website every day.
  2. WHERE those visitors are coming from.
  3. How long they are hanging around on your website and it even shows which pages they look at and how long they stay on each page!
  4. When and where they leaving your website from.
  5. How they found your website – what words and phrases they searched for to find your website.
  6. If they had ever been on your website before, or if this is their first visit…
  7. and more!
Would that kind of data help you be more effective in your marketing efforts? If you’re not sure – don’t we worry we can show you how and why having Marketing Metrics will explode your business potential. 

It is crucial that your Internet Marketing Team understand exactly where your business is before Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing services begin, so the success of your marketing campaigns can be tracked.

Capturing and tracking the statistics of your business’s website closely even allows us to experiment with things like – ad images, ad copy and more. This is the best way to fine tune your marketing and specific advertising campaigns and to quickly discover which ads your potential customers find more interesting and more importantly the best ones for motivating them to take action.

We would love to sit down with you and share in more detail how we can help you track your website statistics and measure success today. Be sure to fill out the form and request your Free Personalized Web Presence Report!

About Mark Kanty

Mark is the founder and Director of Release Dynamics. Established in 1990 this small business consultancy provides Practical Marketing Strategies to Release the Full Potential of small and medium sized businesses. The Web Site Marketing division of Release Dynamics specializes in taking clients to the top of the search engines for the unique high traffic keywords their customers are searching for.