Marketing Online Brings Highly Targeted Traffic

Internet Marketing Brings Highly Targeted Traffic

A phrase that I hear mentioned often in the marketing world is that running an advertising campaign can be compared to throwing a hand full of mud at a wall, success comes when enough sticks.  That doesn’t sound like a very strategic approach to marketing does it?

It can be very frustrating to keep paying for advertising which is circulated in thousands of newspapers, and knowing that only a fraction of those ads will ever get noticed let alone read and even worse, to know that most of the people reading those newspapers may not even be a possible fit for your service.  Let’s take a look at two examples to help illustrate this point.  I  this case study let’s assume you have a law practice:

1)     You run an ad in the local newspaper, that reaches about 50,000 people.  Many will see your ad, but how many are in need of a lawyer at this point in time?  Your strategy is to make an impression on as many people as possible, in hopes that when they do need a lawyer, they will remember your ad.  You are also hoping to grab people that are in need of a laywer at that specific time in their life.

2)     Now let’s look at the new way of marketing – you have your website optimized and as a result you get it ranking at the top of Google. Now, someone in your area is in need of a lawyer; they go to their computer and type “your town” lawyer into the Google search bar.  Your firm comes up at the top and the prospect clicks on the Google listing landing them on your website. Once there they are   further exposed to your marketing and the benefits of hiring you to handle their case.

Do you see how different these two situations are?  In order to succeed with situation #1, you’re relying on ‘old school’ advertising with the assumption that if you hit people often enough they may just buy from you.  You’re trying to reach people. It’s akin to throwing mud at a wall. The problem – you need to run ads in the newspaper constantly in the hopes of making enough of an impression that the  audience remembers your name or actually grabs the attention of someone at the perfect time of opportunity – when they really need your product or service, now!  Situation #2 however, is the new way of marketing. In todays world people do not want to be sold – they don’t want to be reached. Why? Because they now have the tools to reach you. They are empowered through the internet to do their own searching for specifically what they want. The new marketing relies on getting yourself to the top of the search engines so, whenever people look for your product or service, you’re right there, front and centre for them to find.  It’s the most powerful method of target marketing that has ever been available to small businesses just like yours. Now that’s pretty powerful, isn’t it ?

The key point is that when people search for any kind of local service online, they are looking for that service right then and there – they want what you have to offer.  These are the types of people you need to be targeting!

About Mark Kanty

Mark is the founder and Director of Release Dynamics. Established in 1990 this small business consultancy provides Practical Marketing Strategies to Release the Full Potential of small and medium sized businesses. The Web Site Marketing division of Release Dynamics specializes in taking clients to the top of the search engines for the unique high traffic keywords their customers are searching for.