In Marketing Different Trumps Better

Rich Schefren – Business Guru to the Gurus and my #1 business mentor says, “In business, different trumps better.” In other words, daring to do something truly different (and even a little controversial) in your business and your marketing… Will always beat out your competitors who are just trying to do the same old thing […]

SEO – A New Better World of Search

SEO is Dead…Not! With all of the changes over the past year the drone of ‘SEO is Dead’ became unbearable. Two camps were really jumping on the catch phrase – amateur internet marketers who never really understood the strategy of marketing and were on the look out for a quick fix or a quick buck […]

Personalized Marketing

Roy Bergold, multiple award-winning former Chief Creative Officer for McDonald’s, recently offerred some great tips in QSR Magazine – Let’s Get Personal: Customers who can put a face to your business will be inclined to come back. Although his ideas were primarily focused on the quick-serve restaurant industry a lot of what he said could […]

Email Marketing is far from Dead

I came across an excellent post this morning on Search Engine Watch about the ongoing power, importance and effectiveness of Email marketing as a Practical Marketing Strategy for small business.  While many marketers and small businesses in Victoria are searching for the latest and greatest Like, Pin or Tweet which will instantly bring thousands of customers […]

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

Save your Business from Negative Online Reviews We’ve all had negative experiences when shopping in a store or dining out a restaurant. The old adage was, ‘If someone has a good experience they may tell someone but if they have a bad experience they will tell 10 people!’  Today with the advent of Social Media […]