Email Marketing is far from Dead

I came across an excellent post this morning on Search Engine Watch about the ongoing power, importance and effectiveness of Email marketing as a Practical Marketing Strategy for small business.  While many marketers and small businesses in Victoria are searching for the latest and greatest Like, Pin or Tweet which will instantly bring thousands of customers […]

Internet Marketing for Your Business is Very Affordable

A complete and effective Marketing Campaign can be incredibly expensive.  Fortunately, with the advent of Internet Marketing even small businesses can create incredibly commanding and professional Marketing Campaigns for a fraction of historical costs. In fact Marketing Online is considerably less expensive than previously common and traditional forms of reaching your prospective customers. Internet Marketing as a medium for […]

Marketing Online Brings Highly Targeted Traffic

Internet Marketing Brings Highly Targeted Traffic A phrase that I hear mentioned often in the marketing world is that running an advertising campaign can be compared to throwing a hand full of mud at a wall, success comes when enough sticks.  That doesn’t sound like a very strategic approach to marketing does it? It can […]

Participating in Social Media Marketing is a Non-Negotiable for Small Business

Simply put, Social Media Marketing has changed the way businesses market themselves online.  A solid social media campaign can help your business tremendously.  It seems as though just about everyone participates in a social media in some way or another (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.). Here are a few reasons why Participating in Social Media […]

With SEO Marketing Online is Easy Way to Track

Do you find yourself spending money on an advertising campaign only to have it end and leaving you asking yourself if it really worked? Marketing Consultants have always said an effective Marketing Plan needs to have a solid measurement system built-in. But if you’re using traditional advertising methods you know how difficult that can be. It’s much, […]

Local Search Engine Marketing is a PROVEN Method of Marketing

Businesses have been experiencing the frustration of diminishing returns from print advertising. It seems as though when people are looking for a new product or service, especially something local, they are turning to their computers rather than their phone books or newspapers. A look at numerous studies shows us that: 73% of activity online is […]

Online Search vs Yellow Pages

More and more consumers are searching for products and business services online which is quickly making the Yellow Pages an obsolete form of advertising. Yellow pages are used about 6% of the time and usually by people over 60 years of age. Google Maps, BING and Yahoo Local are the new Yellow Pages! They receive […]